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BT: The Manor 0.061 Public Release + Changelog!

H ere the bug-fix + mini-update for this month. Bugs from 0.06 should be fixed with this, and I added 2 new scenes for The Merchant ( Some of you wanted some action from her ). Also, for those who like to bitch about the grinding in the game, I added a way to gain some quick points for all girls and MC with the "Spend the day..." feature, where you can skip a day and bond a little with the woman of your choice ( or have a jack off marathon and gain Depravation ). Well, check this post to download the new build: BT: The Manor 0.061 And here is the Changelog for 0.06 and 0.061: ---0.061--- [NEW] * "SPEND THE DAY..." Option enabled when MC is about to get out of his room in the morning. It will rise 5 points of a girl's or MC's attibutes. * ITEM: "Necronomicon" [FIXES] * FIXED: Clock bug (aka: "Comma Inducing clock watching"). * FIXED: Perpetual Martha morning sex (not that bad tho...). * FIXED: Lucile duplicate