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BT: The Manor 0.051 Public Release!

This is the Public Release of the last build for "Bones' Tales: The Manor". You can download it in the blog's post for that game (but if you are lazy, here the link to the post: Here!

Changelog 0.051:

  •  FIXED: Lucile Pantry Event - (You can now, skip the intro and not get stuck in this event).
  •  FIXED: Martha Boob-Grope Event - (No more butt-boob-stuck-can't-see-shit-bug... Also fixed the Vera HJ "guest" animation thingy).
  •  FIXED: Martha Night Event - (No more Lucile "Guest" graphic, I hope).
  •  "My Mind" - New gallery where you can replay SPECIAL scenes and check out some art that does not repeat in the game. Also, in the future I will be adding sketches and not used material to the room.

(Plus everything from changelog 0.05, of course... Here.)


  1. Oh God, I hope there's more zoo stuff in this one!

  2. Quando será o próximo lançamento?
    estou jogando com minhas amigas já comi duas graças a esse jogo.
    to divulgando pros meus amigos e colegas porque o jogo é bom mesmo.
    Mais bestiality por favor.

    Email pra contato:
    ps: avisem-me por favor quando tiver data para o próximo


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