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BT: The Manor 0.031 - Public release!

T his is the Public Release of the last build for "Bones' Tales: The Manor". You can download it in the blog's post for that game (but if you are lazy, here the link to the post: Here! CHANGELOG 0.031- - FIXES:  Dishes Bug  Hide&Seek event, long dialogue repetition. Other Dialogues adjustments. "buttits" bug. - CHANGES:  Skip Text now uses CTRL key (instead of X)  Dr.Bones bust updated (:U) Surely changed something else, but if I don't remember it, it shouldn't be so important. - NEW:  NEW Character: The Merchant. (Let's see if you get the reference)  NEW Items added for event progression.  NEW mini quest to get those items.  NEW way to get possessed by Doyle. Using a Item from the Inventory. - NEW H-SCENES:  Martha  - NIGHT SCENE (Several Options)  Lucile    - NIGHT SCENE (Several Options)  Vera       - NIGHT SCENE (Limited Option) As always, thanks for everyone support!. Next update will bring a lot of