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Some preview images for "The Manor"

Here are some images of the "Bones' Tales: The Manor" game. The "bottoms" are part of the "ass-touch-grope" events (Only the dressed ones are part of the game just yet). After that I leave with some previews for the "night" events coming up in the next update (0.030), just a peek... the scenes will involve much, much more.

Lucile - Dressed

Lucile - Panty

Martha - Dressed

Martha - Panty

Vera - Dressed

Vera - Panty

Next up are the preview for update  0.030!:

J-Just a little touch...

Ring the bells...

Hun got buns...

That is all for now... I will post more pictures after the update is out... keep it perveted!.


  1. Damn! I just love your art! Those pics are so damn sexy!!

    1. Thanks for the love b!... Be sure to check the blog once in a while... I will try to post art regulary ;)

  2. How can i download your game in android ? After i downloaded it, its always says 'cant open file'. What steps should i do?

  3. Not yet implemented!
    Please tell what to do in the game??

  4. Can't finish assjob. What does the MC need in order to cum to the end?

    1. You need paper towels... check the 1st floor bathroom.

    2. you know, as a developer you're too good. let him find it by himself. LOL

    3. how to use sleeping pills on martha? i can't get it

  5. Where to find a sleeping pills?


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