ello perv-entlemen and lewd-ies. Here we are again with the public release of The Manor. This time for build 0.10 (FIX). It's been a couple months since the last update, but I'm sure you already noticed.
0.10 introduces a new State system for the girls, which will be VERY important in future builds, and, of course, the game's endings. Be sure to read the changelog to get a grasp of the implemented scenes. If you have any trouble finding these scenes, you are welcome to join my Discord Server and ask advice there, we have an evergrowing community that help each other.  (You can find the link in the "Links" section of this blog)

(Changelog is in the game folder!)

Bones' Tales: The Manor

BT: The Manor 0.08 (Public Release)

ey there peep and perverts!.
Here is the (slightly) delayed release for 0.08. This one was heavy in event coding, specialy the "dress-up" events for Lucile and Martha. It also has a lot of art, but not all available in this build, some of the art will be use in the "expanded" version of the events.

But I won't keep you, I know that you don't want to read me write all this nonsense, so, here, go to the update post for the game:

(Changelog is in the game folder!)

Bones' Tales: The Manor

BT: The Manor 0.071 Public Release + Changelog

ere we are again folks, yeah, is 15th, so here come the PUBLIC RELEASE of BT:The Manor 0.071 (+Bug-Fix). This one comes with a few surprises as 2 new characters (Comissioned by a high tier patreon), that will take part in the first of a 2 part events (Second part will be implemented a future build).
Also, with 0.071 you can now change you Name whenever you want, and turn off and on the Beasty Option. Both features you can find in "My Mind" at night.
As always, got to this post to download the update:  BT: The Manor 0.071



* CHANGE NAME: MC can now change his name in "My Mind" at night. (use the paper in the left table).
* "B" Option Enable/Disable switch: Player can now enable and disable "B" Option in "My Mind" at night (Teddy-bear).

* FIXED: BIKER Scene second time trigger causing game freeze.
* FIXED: Lucile "Floating Boobs"
* FIXED: Lucile Morging Scene overlaping other scenes... aka: &q…

BT: The Manor 0.061 Public Release + Changelog!

ere the bug-fix + mini-update for this month. Bugs from 0.06 should be fixed with this, and I added 2 new scenes for The Merchant (Some of you wanted some action from her). Also, for those who like to bitch about the grinding in the game, I added a way to gain some quick points for all girls and MC with the "Spend the day..." feature, where you can skip a day and bond a little with the woman of your choice (or have a jack off marathon and gain Depravation).
Well, check this post to download the new build: BT: The Manor 0.061

And here is the Changelog for 0.06 and 0.061:


* "SPEND THE DAY..." Option enabled when MC is about to get out of his room in the morning. It will rise 5 points of a girl's or MC's attibutes.
* ITEM: "Necronomicon"

* FIXED: Clock bug (aka: "Comma Inducing clock watching").
* FIXED: Perpetual Martha morning sex (not that bad tho...).
* FIXED: Lucile duplicate bug (aka: "Lucile Clon Twin…

BT: The Manor 0.051 Public Release!

This is the Public Release of the last build for "Bones' Tales: The Manor". You can download it in the blog's post for that game (but if you are lazy, here the link to the post: Here!
Changelog 0.051:
FIXES:  FIXED: Lucile Pantry Event - (You can now, skip the intro and not get stuck in this event). FIXED: Martha Boob-Grope Event - (No more butt-boob-stuck-can't-see-shit-bug... Also fixed the Vera HJ "guest" animation thingy). FIXED: Martha Night Event - (No more Lucile "Guest" graphic, I hope). NEW:  "My Mind" - New gallery where you can replay SPECIAL scenes and check out some art that does not repeat in the game. Also, in the future I will be adding sketches and not used material to the room.
(Plus everything from changelog 0.05, of course... Here.)

BT: The Manor 0.05 Changelog.

Here is the changelog for the lastest build of The Manor, 0.05.  A lot of work hours in this one, and a few missed aswell "thanks" to mys tablet dying on me the last week of April. But no need to cry abour it now, already have it replacement. (Tho I will buy a better one next month, this way I will can a spare one so this issue won't repeat again. 

TEXT SKIP - Skip funtion should work just fine now (Thanks to Hontor!)BUG-FIXES - Massive (and I really meant MASSIVE!) bug search and squashing.
Thanks to the following lads and lasses, who were kind to test:  "bbshotgun"; "Evil"; "Frida"; "Hemlock"; "Exxio"; "Coconuts";"Razerbic"; "ajisnumba1".
(Also, thanks to anyone who posted bugs on the discord server, that helped a lot!).

VARIABLES OPTIMIZATIONS - I changed the way the s…

BT: The Manor 0.031 - Public release!

This is the Public Release of the last build for "Bones' Tales: The Manor". You can download it in the blog's post for that game (but if you are lazy, here the link to the post: Here!

 Dishes Bug Hide&Seek event, long dialogue repetition.Other Dialogues adjustments."buttits" bug.- CHANGES:
 Skip Text now uses CTRL key (instead of X) Dr.Bones bust updated (:U)Surely changed something else, but if I don't remember it, it shouldn't be so important.- NEW:
 NEW Character: The Merchant. (Let's see if you get the reference) NEW Items added for event progression. NEW mini quest to get those items. NEW way to get possessed by Doyle. Using a Item from the Inventory.- NEW H-SCENES:
 Martha  - NIGHT SCENE (Several Options) Lucile    - NIGHT SCENE (Several Options) Vera       - NIGHT SCENE (Limited Option)

As always, thanks for everyone support!. Next update will bring a lot of new things is will be a 0.05!.