BT: The Manor 0.071 Public Release + Changelog


ere we are again folks, yeah, is 15th, so here come the PUBLIC RELEASE of BT:The Manor 0.071 (+Bug-Fix).
This one comes with a few surprises as 2 new characters (Comissioned by a high tier patreon), that will take part in the first of a 2 part events (Second part will be implemented a future build).

Also, with 0.071 you can now change you Name whenever you want, and turn off and on the Beasty Option. Both features you can find in "My Mind" at night.

As always, got to this post to download the update:  BT: The Manor 0.071



* CHANGE NAME: MC can now change his name in "My Mind" at night. (use the paper in the left table).
* "B" Option Enable/Disable switch: Player can now enable and disable "B" Option in "My Mind" at night (Teddy-bear).

* FIXED: BIKER Scene second time trigger causing game freeze.
* FIXED: Lucile "Floating Boobs"
* FIXED: Lucile Morging Scene overlaping other scenes... aka: "Unexpected Fourthsome".
* FIXED: Doyle Stiping you from entering Study.
* FIXED: Finger overlaping after false check in Lucile evening Scene. aka "You are here!".

Fixed a few other misc bugs that i can't remember right now... (did it in a redbull infused rampage).



* NEW Character: The OFFICER. (Character commissioned by Serrated ($25 Patreon))
* NEW Character: The BIKER-GIRL. (Character commissioned by Serrated ($25 Patreon))
* NEW Item: "Bag of Diamonds".

* NEW Sprite for MC (Wearing Raincoat. 2 Variations)
* NEW Spirte for OFFICER.
* NEW Bust for OFFICER.
* NEW Sprite for BIKER-GIRL.

* Reworked a few events for implementation of future scenes.
* Organized code in a more "professional" way. (I'm getting better) :)

* FIXED: Vera Cliping bug (aka: "Vera Levitating Act") (NOW FOR REALSIES!)
* FIXED: Vera PEEP (Peeking on her tow times in a row freezes the game, no mo)
* FIXED: Martha Missionary scene is now repeatable, as it always should.

* Martha - "SLEEP WITH" (NIGHT / 2 Variations).
* Lucile - "WAKEY WAKEY" (MORNING / 3 Variations).
* Vera   - "Pressure Release" (STABLES - MORNING / 3 Variations) ***(ONLY UNLOCKABLE WITH "B" ENABLED)***

Bones' Notes:
A better delayed from normal schedule, but, having in mind last month atrocious delay, this is just a
collateral damage. I should be able to get back on track now.
Also, keep in mind that if you do not have enabled the "B" option at the beginning of the game, you will only be able to unlock

scenes in this build.


  1. how do you get the biker/cop scenes?

  2. How do i get martha sex scene ( i am not talking about rubbing scene)

    1. Blow Job; At night when you go to sleep and some time passes you get the option to get up or to sleep (to morning), simply get up and then go to the clock beside the chair in your room. Use the clock and go back to sleep (if character does not use clock then get more points for yourself or Martha or both), if you were successful than in the morning she will go to your room, don't respond to her by pretending to be asleep.

      Sex; AFTER getting the blow job (perhaps that's not important by why take risks?) get to the bathroom and get your hand job from Martha, after this your MC should ask her about sex she will go to her room and you must follow her, once you are in simply talk to her.

  3. Durring the Lucile "Massage" scene i didn't have enouph trust to finish the scene. and now it just Loops over and over with most of Lucile body gone but her head, her panies, and the MC's hand. Now i haven't replicated it but it did happen when i was putting it in full screen at the time.

    1. Also i did confirm using a older save that this still happens and isn't because of I put the game in full screen. I will say also that when this scene does go into having sex with Lucile that most of the body is missing. including the the head.

    2. Oh and i forgot to mention that it doesn't Loop anymore when you have enough points to have sex with her. you just lose most of the image of the sex scene.

  4. Idk if this is even a thing or not, but how do I get to the Vera sex scene, like where you fuck?

  5. What should i type for wearing raincoat cap for gonig in rain


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