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BT: The Manor 0.071 Public Release + Changelog

H ere we are again folks, yeah, is 15th, so here come the PUBLIC RELEASE of BT:The Manor 0.071 (+Bug-Fix) . This one comes with a few surprises as 2 new characters (Comissioned by a high tier patreon), that will take part in the first of a 2 part events (Second part will be implemented a future build). Also, with 0.071 you can now change you Name whenever you want, and turn off and on the Beasty Option. Both features you can find in "My Mind" at night. As always, got to this post to download the update:  BT: The Manor 0.071 Changelog: ---0.071--- [NEW] * CHANGE NAME: MC can now change his name in "My Mind" at night. (use the paper in the left table). * "B" Option Enable/Disable switch: Player can now enable and disable "B" Option in "My Mind" at night (Teddy-bear). [FIXES] * FIXED: BIKER Scene second time trigger causing game freeze. * FIXED: Lucile "Floating Boobs" * FIXED: Lucile Morging