ey, welcome to Dr. Bones' new hideout. I hope you like it, it needs a bit of conditioning but I'm sure it will become a warm and safe place for my projects. 
Speaking of wich. Here you will find donwload links to all the public builds of any game I've created, , changelogs, walktroughs, other kinky art and all the things that may be under development. This links could be elsewhere on the net, but, think of this like a central station for all my work.
That's all for now, I will try to post regulary about the progress of the projects at hand. Currently (As many of you may already know): I'm working on "Bones' Tales:  The Manor" the first instalment on a series of short to medium size games with one thing in common: the taboo. You are welcome to read more about it on the site pages.
And finally, please consider supporting me on Patreon, It will make my life a lot easier if I could quit my day-job and just focus on the game (and future projects). Thank you and see you later.


  1. Cool site!
    Can't wait to see from you! Keep up the great work!

  2. Wonderful job Bones, I hope you continue your great work and I for one can not wait to see more of your game. Sincerely, Witch's Brew.

  3. Sir if you release a update version how can i move my old saves to the new version? Thank you

  4. Hey Dr bone,s where I download this game for Androids mobile because I love to play this game and I going to crazy for this game please give me a free link!!!

  5. Hi i was playing the version 16.2.1 and i think i found a bug, I wanted to make sure this is the latest version in case that's my problem?


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